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It's been a long time but I don't think I want to abandon this blog. This is what I do to de-stress so I definitely still need it. My job as a teacher is ranked at no. 5 on the most stressful jobs list in Malaysia. Believe me it's not even slightly what you think.

Anyway, I do hope that I am going to improve more next year. I know that I did improved some this year. I want to be a more cekap and berdisiplin teacher.

I have moved from Sabah to Selangor now. I love my new house and I can't wait to make it a home (just a few days left before we move in). I miss the comfort of old routines. I am anxious about my new school. It's a good school - ranks at no. 2 in my district for its PMR result (no. 1 goes to a science boarding school so there's no suprise there) but I can see that vandalism is a problem there.

Ok, new year; new life. Wish me luck ;)

PS: Suprisingly I miss my ex-principal's strictness haha.

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I really like when people are expressing their opinion and thought. So I like the way you are writing

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